More than 11,000 educational centres worldwide manage their classes with BlinkLearning.

BlinkLearning in schools

BlinkLearning in schools

BlinkLearning in schools

11,000 schools and more than 3.5 million users of users rely on BlinkLearning.



What can we offer you?

  • Multiple publishers

    Request your BlinkLearning digital licences; more than 100 publishers available.

  • Integrations

    Google/Microsoft and administrative platforms.

  • Online and offline

    Access all content without connecting to the Internet.

  • Multidevice

    Compatible with iPad, Android tablets, Chromebook, Mac, Linux, Windows, and Android and iOS mobiles.

  • Authoring tool

    Personalise and complement the editorial content and create your own content.

Support and Video Tutorials

Support and Video Tutorials

We help you throughout your digital project. We put all our experience at the disposal of teachers, students, families and the management team.

Enrich your digital books with your own HTML content with the BlinkLearning author tool

Tool to create your own content, projects and new methodologies.

We put at your disposal digital tools for personalising the learning process

Option to adapt the content to the learning pace of students.

BlinkLearning offers you personalised attention in each stage of the school year

Support and advice in the implementation of the school year.

We help teachers and management teams put digital education projects in motion

Teacher training via webinars.

Save time buying books for the school year with our Digital Backpacks.

What the teaching community has to say

Featured educational projects

BlinkLearning presents the results of the III Estudio about the use of technology in the classroom

7th Survey on the use of technology in education

Carried out among 6,340 teachers (3,052 in Latin America and 2,160 in Spain) across all educational stages.

The survey provides a broad set of indicators to help understand the integration of digital tools in education in 2022.

BlinkLearning is holding a series of webinars on different topics to assist teachers in Spain and Latin America in using the platform.

#Webinars BlinkLearning

BlinkLearning is holding a series of webinars on different topics to assist teachers in Spain and Latin America in using the platform.

These live recordings can be found on BlinkLearning's YouTube channel to be checked when needed. In addition to having experts explain the platform, questions from webinar attendees are also answered.

SEK International Schools employ BlinkLearning as an educational platform

SEK International Schools

BlinkLearning collaborates with SEK International Schools in its commitment to educational innovation.

The partnership covers nine SEK Group centres, including its international centres in Doha, the French Alps, and Dublin, and a total of 4,000 students in the first phase. These centres also have access to content from over 50 publishers and to the Digital Backpacks service.

BlinkShop's digital backpacks make it easier to adquire digital books

Your digital books in BlinkShop

BlinkShop facilitates the implementation of digital educational projects in public and private centres.

BlinkLearning makes it easy for centres to implement their digital educational projects through BlinkShop, where they can purchase digital content from more than 100 publishers. Over 300 educational centres have already benefited from the Digital Backpacks service, which makes it easier for schools, families and students to purchase the teaching materials needed for the school year.

More than 11,000 schools trust in BlinkLearning.

BlinkLearning is present in over 10,000 educational centres across 42 countries

Spain Colombia Mexico, China Italy, USA, France Portugal, Dominican Rep., Denmark, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia Turkey, Argentina, Thailand, Peru, Israel, Switzerland, Indonesia, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Morocco, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Nicaragua, Paraguay

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